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Watch the epic $450m auction of da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi”

In case you missed the news, a Leonardo da Vinci piece called “Salvator Mundi” just shattered a world record for auction prices: it sold for a mind-blowing $450 million dollars. This video let’s you go through that incredible process, from the beginning to the final gavel. You can start to feel the tension rise around the 200 million dollar mark. The auctioneer can hardly believe it when it passes 280 million. It slows down for a bit around 286, but then it jumps up to 300, causing everyone to applaud. When someone bids 350 everyone gasps––and there’s still a fifty million more to go! Tack on another fifty million in auction fees, and you’ve got yourself a world record.

Full story at YouTube.

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