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Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” on a harp/guitar combo [video]

You may have never heard a harp/guitar combo. We’re afraid that hearing it for the first time with this song may set the bar a little high. Get ready to enjoy a stunning rendition of “Comfortably Numb.”

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Absolutely superb! I love when talented people remake a song that is unique and can still stand up to the orignal

  • Alan

    Wow.I’m comfortably numb!

  • Mike

    I’m a huge Pink Floyd fan….you definitely made David and Roger proud! This is absolutely remarkable and very well done! Spot on! Congrats!

  • STUNNING!! If by chance Roger see’s/hears this, I am sure his heart will swell with pride! I am in AWE!

  • I have heard this song covered many mant times…this FAR AND AWAY the BEST acoustic arrangement i have EVER heard!! WELL DONE Sir!!

  • gerald


  • Simply Amazing

  • David

    Wow! The acoustic was amazing and loved when the lead kicked in. Great rendition of “The Floyd’s” song.

  • Bill Yondolla

    Very nice, You can’t play that instrument without mentioning Michael Hedges and he covered this song too with a ton more of emotion

  • Don Daymont


  • Robert

    well done! only bad thing about the harp/guitars is the price, other wise i would buy one but well done !

  • Eric

    You can almost hear the words within the music.

  • Big Floyd fan. Excellent job, played beautifully. David Gilmore would be proud!!

  • Mycle

    Who had any idea Harp guitars would become popular again. Apparently they only need to be in the right hands. These are the right hands. Really extraordinary. Fingerpicking 6 strings was already difficult enough.

  • Tom

    I only wish I could play like that. Truly wonderful music.

  • I usually don’t put much store in any remakes of some songs, especially Pink Floyd. Nobody does it better! But this guy did an absolutely perfect job of it! Kudos to this artist.I hope he does more Pink Floyd. I’m sure he would do them justice!

  • Terry

    As Jimi Hendrix would have put it…..”I thought it was beautiful man”…..

  • the electric frogs do this song also. Mike W. Chiello, Sr. on Lead Guitar!

  • Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the performance. Awesome talent and awesome instrument. Love the lacewood on the harp neck. Keep on pickin !

  • Nice!

  • Kenneth Smith

    As someone who grew up with Pink Floyd, I found this to be beautifully done on such an instrument.

  • Brought tears to my eyes. Incredible. Yes Jimi Hendrix would have loved it. I’m sure he does where he and all the other greats are.

  • Jonathan Bourret

    By the way, which one’s Pink?

  • Beautiful, Michael Hedges 1997 version is quite stunning as well!

  • James

    The guy is talented. A God gifted individual!

  • Bill Kay

    Mediocre at best. Very over-rated and hyped especially now when they are over the hill.

  • Mark

    An outstanding job!! Left me feeling Comfortably Numb!

  • DD

    very nice. remember though, it’s a cover. His arrangement is indeed excellent, however the brilliance is in the composers, David Gilmour & Roger Waters.