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Incredible electric guitar cover of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata

Don’t be put off by this guitarist’s deadpan expression. You’re just seeing her intense concentration as she absolutely crushes this electric guitar rendition of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Full story at Tina S.

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  • I’m especially impressed because I play this one on my piano. Or try to. It leaves me crushed.

  • tina is amazing, check out you tube channel for more mind blowing guitar

  • tina is an amazing talent, check out more mind (ear) blowing videos on her you tube channel

  • I don’t see a patch cord or even a wireless unit attached to her guitar.

  • The cord is there, hanging down by her right leg. Full screen shows it.

  • Genus. I loved it. Great talent — please continue on and on. Thanks!

  • Timothy Ray England

    I actually cried. Clapton, Hendrix and Waters have nothing on this young lady. Her future is bright indeed.

  • Dave

    You can barely see the cord if you look by her right leg…

  • yo mama

    Why do they have to put in the stupid background noise?

  • Someday she may be like a Orianthi Panagaris

  • This young lady is playing like she is cutting heads with the Devil himself… Just outstanding!

  • Take that Malmsteen owned like a boss from a women. (Just kidding) Great to see a great talent again. Unlike most of these (musicians??) today..

  • Ourn

    This isn’t the Moonlight Sonata I grew up playing on the piano! The Moonlight Sonata is a slow, dreamy piece that evokes the moon on water…this does nothing of the sort. Are you folks sure you got the title right?

  • Dillin Gray

    yep you can tell by her feet, this is nice and solid. Great work!!!

  • A bunch of noise nothing like playing a piano.

  • victor

    Eat your heart out Eddie Van Halen. She’s amazing. This is my new ringtone!

  • TxFotoCowboy

    And you guys don’t mention her name what CADS!

  • james bloomfield


  • Kind of like Bethoven’s performance in the mall on Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure!

  • She is outstanding, wonder what Ludwig would have thought about it.

  • Mike Murphy

    Don’t listen if you don’t like it.

  • Dan

    “A bunch of noise”?? Did you really just say that? No, nothing like playing a piano, it’s a guitar, and playing a guitar is quite different, great observation. And playing a guitar cleanly with tons of gain and volume require a whole nuther set of skills beyond strumming Mary had a Little Lamb. Wow. I was struggling with Black Sabbath licks at that age, and now I think my fingers hurt just from watching. I say again, wow.

  • Tim

    Eddy who????



  • Dave

    WOW! I have been watching Tina for a couple years now and she never fails to impress.So talented this has to be a gift from GOD. Hope she does something wounderful with her talents.

  • This is the tip of the iceberg for this extraordinarily talented young lady! Check her out on You Tube to see more and be blown away!

  • James Arthur

    I’d like to see her snatch

  • Kody

    yeah but can she play standing up?

  • scottioc

    This is the third movement of a three movement piece. The background stuff is the rest of the music. She is basically playing the right hand part. Pretty cool


  • While I won’t deny this girl’s ability & talent…no one ever praised thousands of male guitarist that have played Beethoven. SAD…

  • Bill S Preston & Ted "Theodore" Logan

    It would be totally excellent if she played with us.

  • Dave Gust

    Simply amazing.

  • Very nicely done. This is however the third movement. I would love to see her try the first and second movements. The first is the most famous part of the Moonlight Sonata. There is no doubt that she is very talented. I wonder how well she could do this piece in an acoustic guitar.

  • Sheri

    Check her out ripping Eddie VanHalen’s ERUPTION!!!

  • Sorin

    For those hung up on a cable or not:
    You can’t move your fingers that good, coordinated and fast on a broom handle. She does it on a guitar fretboard.
    Anybody that plays can tell that she’s doing it. And doing it really good.
    So, keep looking for cables, keep your absurd comments to yourselves.

  • Sheri

    You should see her video of her playing Eddie VanHalen’s ERUPTION!!!

  • steve

    ok she can play fast … now I have a headache

  • Peter

    Even Jimmy Hendrix would have been blown away. Awesome!

  • Don

    @KEITH ADTKINS: I sure hope not. That would be an awfully weird looking piano.

    I play piano and guitar. It is possible to appreciate both. I would bet a rather large sum of money that she is more proficient and musical on guitar than you are on piano.

  • View_From_Here

    Why so fast? I thought Moonlight Sonata would be ‘dreamy’. I don’t care for the metallic auto-tune quality either.

  • eddie allen

    i hope the guy that said she might one day be like Orianthi was joking cause she can’t touch this girls skills

  • rq

    Ourn, yes it is the moonlight sonata third movement

  • Al

    It seems some people don’t know, but this is Moonlight Sonta’s 3rd Movement. Most people are only familiar with the 1st movement from movies, tv, etc.. The first is the complete opposite of the third. Slow, almost dream like. Either way, amazing job on playing.

  • Two great .
    Two minus.
    Two great:..1 She shows her love of electric guitar.
    ………………2 She shows her nerve against tradition : A. electric guitar on Beethoven
    …………………………………………………………………………B. jean on performance
    Two minus:.1 jean spoils the beautiful scene
    ………………2 Her gloomy face suggests my thinking that she lives unhappy.

  • Fantastic 21st century musician. Hope she can write and gets a great band and heads out this way to AZ.

  • Jesster

    This is the third movement. Not the ‘dreamy’ first movement.

  • Bergli

    Wow. Just WOW!

  • Stay out of helicopters young lady … and I wish I could have 1/100th of the money you will make in your future if you (1) keep the ‘right’ people around you and (2) just be ‘smart’ ….

  • Phil

    Oren, you played only the first movement. She is playing the third movement.

  • Stay out of helicopters young lady …. you will have a wonder career ahead of you if you do two things (1) keep the ‘right’ people around you and (2) just be ‘smart’ and live a ‘smart’ life.

  • Linebotanical

    Ludwig never saw that coming! Sounded like she may have just ‘missed’ one note??

  • Could she show Eddie or what?

  • Yeah. Lots of practice with a little OCD, gets you to master something.

  • Linebotanical

    Ludwig never saw that coming! Sounded like she may have missed ‘one’ note??

  • Meh. She has no feeling. That is the deadpan. She is technically proficient playing a contorted version of the original. I get no feeling from her.

  • Rugson Wumpfogger


    The first movement of The Moonlight Sonata is as you described. Tina is playing the third movement. Absolutely incredibly BTW!


  • toursbooks

    Just WOW

  • She needs to come to Austin Tx.

  • george freer

    bravo,bravo,bravo amazing young lady no words to describe what i just saw and heard. she is remarkable. thank you tina

  • D. Allman, Clapton, Hendrix would blow her to bits their music is not a matter of technique alone….but feeling.

  • This lady is one “picker” par excellance! Bravo!

  • Thomas Nickel

    The best guitar playing I’ve heard in 40 years

  • clkworkornge

    Jack White would be proud of her. Joe Satriano might be a bit scared!

  • Bo Nip

    Tune that guitar.

  • John Turner

    Banging head, yeah, devil horns in the air, YEAH!

  • Andy

    Erock’s Moonlight Sonata Meets Metal is better.

  • Gary

    Yeah, but can she play Smoke on the Water?

  • Dan the Man

    If she played it a la’ Santana, therefore MUCH closer to original, it would be SO beautiful–!
    That’s not taking ANYthing away from her shredding skills–
    BUT, play it as it was meant to be….

  • Not bad, except Dr Viossy Did it 4 years ago.

  • this young woman is totally amazing makes trans Siberian orchestra sound mundane almost slow even!!!!!!!!

  • mark cole

    mac69truck i cant find the words this girl just made me tier cant believe it how bout that EV

  • xgjnvmxgh


  • this was beethoven’s MOONLIGHT SONATA? sorry; not the moonlight sonata i’m familiar with. a few years ago i was shopping in vienna’s largest mall…..used the men’s room. while doing my thing at a waterless urnal, i enjoyed the piano version of this masterpiece by ludwig. her version, as well as she plays would be for fitting in american restrooms. 🙂

  • Ian

    Seriously, all you haters should bow your heads to this young women. She is a god! Equivalent to anyone who can know Pi to it’s 10,000 number! I have never seen anything like this, man or women on any instrument, performed with perfect pitch, or as close to it! Put aside the sitting, aside the close, that’s her comfort zone to perform. I’d pay top dollar to see that over and over again. Too bad America’s Got Talent does not have her, she should win hands down!

  • If Beethoven were alive he would probably say – What ?

  • Rich

    And then she smiles like there’s nothing to it. *WoW* Mind blown. Really nice job.

  • Bud Kennedy

    How to scrooo up a beautiful piece! Her expertise is more suited for a heavy metal band.

  • that kind of playing hurts my ears…hate it

  • Roderick T Beaman

    I’ve heard the Moonlight Sonata many times & this melody wasn’t familiar. She’s obviously incredibly talented but an earlier commentator was right. Slow & dreamy it isn’t.

  • gary

    totally awesome. best young guitar talent I have seen or heard in years. keep practicing and playing. you will soon be rewarded

  • That’s it. I give up. Guitar for sale.

  • James

    A female Yngwie Malmsteen!

  • Gil

    I wonder if Joe Satriani could do what Tina played. Or Tina might be Joe Satriani’s daughter 😉

  • Kind of lost all the quiet beauty of Beethoven’s superb sonata. But….WOW!!

  • holly

    Don’t be “put off” by her facial expression? Would they say that about a male who was playing this piece? Nope. She’s amazing and she doesn’t have to smile if she doesn’t want to. Neither does any other woman.

  • jim

    She is very very talented

  • Her playing was alright (yeah I’m jaded about fret burners) but the arrangement was atrocious. It removed every bit of soul from a beautiful piece of music.

  • dre

    love this lady , she is so awesome and this by FAR ! is the best ive ever seen her do and OMG what is to come ? thank you for letting us sit and bask in your awesomeness ! ROCK ON !

    ps im 100% sure Beethoven wanted that played exactly like that

  • The talent is off the chart… but where’s the joy? If I could play like that, I’d never leave the house and die laughing!

  • TJ

    This girl can really play that guitar. She is definitively the “Lindsey Stirling” of the guitar! I was totally blown away and at 66 years old, I’m usually not totally blown away, as I have seen most everything. I couldn’t even begin to dream of playing the guitar, like that. Great job! I subscribed to the You Tube channel after only one listen. Keep it coming Tina!

  • jim

    tina and santana playing together wowwwwww

  • bad penguin

    The second I hear a backing track, or series of tracks, I am skeptical. She may be talented, but do it solo, with the guitar PLUGGED into something, to impress me.

  • freddy the jock

    Yes, she can play the guitar. But this version of a beautiful piece of music is an abomination and a total distortion of it’s mood. Play something else.

  • Wow I love her smile at the end of it. Good show Tina S.

  • Steve G.

    Not only did Beethoven turn over in his grave, he sat up and said WOW!


  • Constance Underfoot

    Tablature? lol

  • Dave

    She is 17. Unreal. Reminds me of a young Tony MacAlpine. I would be interested to see how she plays and responds to a metal band, no doubt she is unbelievable and I hope to see more of her. VERY PROMISING thing to see for the future of rock music. LOVE IT

  • Riot Act

    While she can play the guitar like a house on fire, whatever she was playing was not the Moonlight Sonata, which is a dreamy slow work. Like most modern musicians, I think she equates speed with talent.

  • Just one word – BRILLIANT

  • Scotty Rush

    I had no idea what she was PLAYING. Sounded like 2 cats fighting. She has no interpretation of such a magnificent piece. Beethoven must be spinning in his grave..

  • Bruce

    Roll over, Beethoven!

  • steve

    You are truly amazing young lady . All I can picture is the Beethoven in Bill and Ted giving you two big thumbs up . Keep it up .Hope to hear many great things from you in the future

  • She is awesome. A true prodigy that has worked hard at her art. Too bad some birdbrain had to lay in all those obnoxious, loud percussion tracks. They absolutely ruined a recital that otherwise would have been worthy of The National Archives and/or The Smithsonian. Why can’t the musically untalented keep their noses out of studio production. We all pay the price for their artistic ineptitude. (Expletive deleted)

  • How could you not publish my perfectly salient, musically sound comments, but have no problem publishing the remark, “I’d like to see her snatch!” from some whacko out there. DDATB!

  • KP

    With out question the most amazing guitar player I have ever listened to. The clarity of each note and accuracy is mesmerizing. I am obsessed! I could listen to her play every day. Amazing!!

  • Wow, at first I thought the audio was actually Dr. Viossy. It sounds almost exactly like his version, down to the backing track and 6:11 length. She does give him credit for the arrangement on her YouTube channel. If I listen VERY closely, I can hear a couple of TINY differences, so it seems legit to me.

  • Everyone saying that she is not playing “Moonlight Sonata” is wrong. The slow, dreamy work you people are thinking of is the 1st Movement. This is the 3rd Movement. Look it up, and you’ll see that this song has the right title. I am just as familiar with the 3rd Movement as I am with the 1st, and this girl plays it presto agitato (quick and with excitement), just as it is meant to be played. Incredible.

  • Eric Dolphy

    Calling Clapton a guitar legend is like calling Charlie Watts a drumming legend. Everyone got all caught up in the initial sound of [his use of] the wah-wah pedal, because it was such a new “blow you away” guitar effect when it came out. Like his voice, nice, but Clapton’s guitar ability is for all history – mediocre!

  • Js

    My god…a prodigy beyond words. I teared up watching (am 58 :)….I wanted to stand up and cheer the computer…utterly captivating….

  • Alex

    Tina is an incredibly talented girl! I wish Tina every success and create her own solo music on guitar!

  • DC

    where are the credits to the fantastic drum/accompanying rhythms? I’d like to hear this same piece as a “pure” guitar performance.

  • If I could only build a time machine.. I’d take her back to the shred era. Unfortunately nobody really cares about this type of playing in the mainstream. I wanna see Taylor Swift, or one of those other Disney rock starts even attempt this!

  • Alex Willow

    Tina,you’re brilliant, incredibly talented girl! I wish you success and create her own solo music on guitar!

  • Not the SLOW Moonlight Sonata we played in Concert Band in the 60’s

  • Chris Trusinsky

    Eddie Van Halen offspring????