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6 things smart people do daily

Being smart these days is a matter of having emotional intelligence on top of a healthy IQ, so what can you do to boost this brand of acumen?

Marcel Schwantes of Leadership From the Core explains at Inc. six things truly smart people do every day that set them ahead of the pack.

You seek out reverse mentors.

…For years, we have thought of mentors as older and more experienced sages. And that’s entirely appropriate, and there will always be a role for that type of mentorship.

But in this social era, smart people are catching on to the advantage of learning from reverse mentors. They can be younger and less experienced, but they’re technologically-savvy and hold other expertise in unfamiliar terrain….

You watch your words when you speak.

…Smart people are careful about what they speak, give good and sound advice, don’t talk out of both sides of their mouth, and have the other person’s best interest in mind. When they do these things, they get a lot more in return.

Full story at Inc.

Smarts of all kinds.

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