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WWIII propaganda posters


Could the fight for internet freedom spark the world’s next major conflict? Consider the consequences of the crackdown on web freedoms in the Middle East, China’s Great Firewall, and legislation like SOPA and CISPA, and you might find an answer. Briiiiian prepares for the battle with a series of WWIII propaganda posters reimagined for the digital age.

Based on World War II propaganda posters, the posters have been rethought in contemporary context, remixed for today’s Internet culture.



Full collection at Briiiiian.

Fighting censorship.

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  • kunzcopyandcontent

    I like the idea. Unfortunately "net neutrality" is an appropriated term. It is used by the left to describe muting right wing blogs and Internet broadcasts. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech, in fact it aims to abridge it rather prejudiciously.