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The world’s strongest and strangest liquors

Dark Roasted Blend compiled an eyebrow-raising list of the strongest and strangest liquors the world has to offer. From bacon-flavoured vodka to Mekong River Eel Wine from Laos—even the most knowledgeable of drinkers are bound to learn something new about alcohol in this article.


For those of you who enjoy food-inspired alcohol, try these bacon and hot chilli-flavoured vodkas.


These snake liquors (and yes, those are real poisonous snakes inside the bottles) from South East Asia are said to cure many ailments including impotence, back and muscle pain, and hair loss.


This iconic green beverage, Absinthe, is so highly-alcoholic that by 1915 it had been banned in many countries.

Full story at Dark Roasted Blend.

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