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Rescued cow cries for missing baby, farmers reunite them

This cow spent its life on a dairy farm until it was rescued to go live on a farm. But she wasn’t happy––she cried and cried. Her baby had been left behind. So these farmers reunited them.

Full story at YouTube.

More people doing good.

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  • Ruta Klimas

    Beautiful, heartwarming story. Thank you for reuniting them.

  • Joan Keating

    I loved it!

  • Gina

    Thank you for this video, it is so nice to see people doing such good things for animals.

  • Kathy

    But they’re just mindless creatures and the concern about feed lots is tree hugger hype. You read that animals language and were able to help. Some will laugh at the possibility that this is true and some of us get teary eyed.

  • tracye

    Why, and how could they be separated if … I don’t get it.

  • margery

    beautiful ending

  • kris agrawal

    Remember, why Indians do not kill animals, they have heart and they too love their babies like human.

  • Madlyn

    Kris: Who said Indians don’t kill animals???? They killed millions of buffalo with their traps of sending them over cliffs. More than they needed for food.

  • ERIC