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Ready to become a citizen of the Trash Isles?

Always dreamed of having dual citizenship, but couldn’t find the right second home for you?

Well, like it or not, the Trash Isles look like they’ll soon outstrip the size of many countries in existence, seeing as it’s already the size of France, and the ability to wrap the globe over 400 times in our plastic waste hasn’t yet raised sufficient alarm to stop it.

Citizens of the Trash Isles are petitioning the UN to be declared a country, the criteria for which are as follows:

According to Article 1 of 1993 Montevideo Convention on rights and duties of States, a country must be able to:

  • Define a territory

  • Form a government

  • Have a permanent population (this is open to interpretation and you can help us by registering to be one of the Trash Isles’ citizens. Don’t worry, you don’t have to move there)

  • Be capable of interacting with other states

And you can bet this country won’t have a problem sticking to the Paris Climate Accord, even if it is built on shaky ground.

Full story at Trash Isles via Treehugger.

Join the movement.

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