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Ranking all 213 Beatles’ songs

Even the legendary Beatles didn’t hit a home run with every song, though this ranking from Vulture is bound to start more than a few arguments between diehard fans.

Bill Wyman used all their British releases, including the songs on their albums as well as various singles released over the years.

Happy debating! Let’s start at the bottom.

213. “Good Day Sunshine,” Revolver (1966): Paul McCartney was welcome to write all the happy, upbeat, cheery-cheery songs he wanted. But this one is beyond the pale. It’s blaring, received, and strident. Even by McCartney standards (“Getting Better,” “Hello Goodbye”) the title is inane. It could have been “Yum Food Delicious,” or “Hot Sex Baby,” or any other three random words McCartney took out of his Young Man’s Collection of Positive Synonyms — and note that of these three choices McCartney chose the blandest. McCartney’s piano playing, which graced so many Beatles songs, right up to “A Day in the Life,” is a parody of itself. It’s the worst song in the Beatles’ classic period. And it ruins Revolver, otherwise the most consistent and mind-blowing collection of pop-rock songs ever conceived by man.

212. “Dig It,” Let It Be (1970): As Lennon himself put it, this is what you get when you’re stoned all the time and don’t give a shit. Docked eight notches for Lennon’s final spoken line, “And now we’d like to do ‘Hark the Angels Come,’” which on the record sounds like a swipe at the next track, “Let It Be,” a song that is tuneful and about something, unlike “Dig It.” McCartney sometimes produced schlock, but rarely work as annoying as this.

211. “Little Child,” With the Beatles (1963): Probably the worst of Lennon and McCartney’s early efforts. Filler from the second album.

210. “Tell Me What You See,” Help! (1965): A highly derivative track shoved onto the second non-soundtrack side of the record from the band’s second movie.

209. “Dig a Pony,” Let It Be (1970): Doggerel from Lennon. The most uninteresting song on one of the band’s least interesting albums. The lyrics are nonsense, but all he wants is you. Boo-hoo.

Full story at Vulture.

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