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Ohio replaces lethal injection with head-ripper-offer [satire]

There has been a lot of controversy over how humane an execution method lethal injection is. So the Onion is happy to report that Ohio found a better way: ripping the heads off those sentenced to death.

Full story at YouTube.

More great humor.

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    A bullet to the back of the head, is quicker

  • Doug

    sounds good go for it!!!!!!!

  • There are incredible quantities of drugs of all kind’s in evidence lockers across the U.S.. why not use them. Give the criminals a couple of good joint’s instead of cigarettes. Then a couple of large shot’s of opiates then an I.V. with huge amounts of more opiates.The pris get’s a good buzz on. put a set of headphones on and let the prisoner party on out. There will be a lot of volunteers. Lethal but fun. Cost zip. And it’s a kind way to execute someone who deserve’s no kindness.

  • The french had a good simple system that worked everytime. Much less time and trouble. The head falls into a bucket and you pick up the body and bucket and are done.

  • why not just OD them on Heroin? Seems to work pretty good in the world out there.

  • nick rowe

    i think they should die in the same maner as the ones they killed if raped and killed some one,,,rape them with a hose then kill them do as they have done,,,, then it might slow it all down the people they killed didnt get to pick how they die or if they was afraid or hurt till they died… so let them get what they gave out each killer has already picked his way out on how he kills others

  • cricket wells

    bring back public hangings,put up a gallows in every town square. let a few twist and jerk on a short rope maybe others would think twice.