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Grandma weeps when surprised with kitten

Get the tissues out, you’re going to need them for this video. These folks surprised grandma with a kitten, and she weeps with joy.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • Madlyn

    Shouldn’t give an older person a young animal – hope someone is going to care for it when the old lady is gone.

  • Me

    You are an A**hole

  • Me

    Beautiful moment of love!!

  • Many older people need the unconditional love of a companion animal. But sometimes a kitten or puppy is just too much work. I’ve seen elderly people unable to keep up with their puppy. I’ve also seen elderly people trip over their puppy. I once saw a standard poodle puppy six months old Jump up on her owner and knock her down. She Broke a hip and had to give the puppy away due to her time spent in rehab hospital. Consider rescuing a older pet from a shelter. An adult dog or cat is more likely to be a lap lover and a lot easier to care for. You’ll not only give an elderly person a loving companion but you’ll be rescuing an animal that would otherwise have a difficult time getting adopted.

  • Val

    Well that’s not exactly a kitten… And cats are hard to trip over… My father has very limited eyesight my 3 cats know that and while they always stay close they never ever were in a position where my dad could trip over them…

  • Brenda

    I agree, it’s not a kitten. You can see the love the woman has for the cat. They will make great companions. Don’t deny an old lady some joy in her last days. She probably needed this for along time. Thank you kind people.

  • Georgia Devine

    Touches my heart with joy. No words for your ignorance Madlyn.

  • Ann

    I agree with those that are saying this is NOT a kitten and this pet is perfect for her! This cat is just the right age, it seamed mellow, friendly and loving, just what grandma needed! We wish this lovely grandma and her new kitty happiness and good health! Great gift, and thank those that gave her this sweet cat for companionship! Made my day!