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Fold-up kitchen perfect for tiny dwellings

Not everyone needs a gourmet kitchen to be happy, and as more and more people decide to downsize, Dizzconcept thinks they have the perfect solution to save space.

Feast your eyes on the Murphy bed of cooking spaces. When closed, it boasts a place for your TV and reveals a wealth of shelving, but when open, includes a sink, a dishwasher, stove, composter, range, and a wee bit of counter space. In fact, if you’d like to watch television while whipping up dinner, the television swivels to provide convenient viewing.

Though currently just a concept, the option of saving fifty square feet of space will appeal to anyone who loves clever living solutions.


Full story at Dizzconcept via Treehugger.

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Photo credits: Dizzconcept, Graphics credit: Canva

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