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Dog has hilarious reaction to eating sour candy

If a dog sees you eating food, he’s going to want some––whatever that food is. This poor dog didn’t realize that he was in for a super sour candy when he started begging.

Full story at YouTube.

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  • LLV

    Haha! The dog was like “Nope! Not eating that!”

  • Ted C

    Funny, cute, maybe even a little mean but “hilarious”. Hardly. I know that is a popular overused word but let’s try putting it to rest and letting it heal.

  • barker

    Heeellll Noooo ! says the pup

  • Mike

    My reaction when Trump won the election!

  • T

    Can you say animal cruelty and exploitation ? Its clearly personal pleasure derived from the anguish of the dog that I don’t feel you should have the right to own!

  • bb

    hilarious just like when babies eat a lemon or lime for the first time lolol hahahahahahahaha

  • dogfacegirl

    I think that hilarious is a perfect word for this dog.

  • Lisa: sperling

    It’s not funny. It’s ignorant and inconsiderate.

  • PJ

    This is for ‘T’.

    How is it animal cruelty?
    As well as how is it considered to be ‘anguish’ for the dog.

    He was OFFERED the candy, he tasted it, then decided on his own, not to eat it.

    He wasn’t forced, it wasn’t put in his dish as the sole food for his consumption, he only licked it.

    YOU need to get a grip.
    You are one of those people who obviously stir up trouble because you don’t know any better.

  • Hank

    That’s awesome! Yea…not seeing any form of animal cruelty there…he didn’t force him to taste it…he didn’t hurt the dog. I think the only ones ignorant in this sense are those who would actually believe this is cruelty. Learn to laugh a little more people…then maybe you won’t be getting your feathers ruffled so easily over everything!

  • Angela Bailey

    That is too funny. I wonder if the owner holds an actual dog treat now if the dog would take it.

  • J. Deere 1

    really people..its not like he gave him the candy.. he let him taste it.. we didn’t see any cruelty in this.. obviously your so self centered everything is alway bad for everyone or everything or it either hurts.. stop living in your bubbles and get a grip on life and not trying to always find a reason to say thats mean, thats cruelty.. thats this, thats that… and we wonder why society has become where its at now..Millennials????… more like the entitled and panzied..

  • Rick

    thats some funny stuff right there dude!!!

  • Dave Lister

    Would you folks have the same careless attitude if the owner gave his dog chocolate? Dogs will sniff, lick and explore anything within the reach of their nose, regardless of the consequences. How many times have dogs come across rat poison and paid the price just because they “tasted it”? Y’all are giving the dog the same reasoning ability as a person. Hank and PJ, you’re idiots.

  • Greg

    Hey meat head….don’t you know you shouldn’t feed a dog candy…?

  • Gary

    Just like the bad taste in my mouth when Trump was elected. With a republican president and a republican majority in congress and the senate I started looking for property on a tropical island somewhere outside the (no longer) United States.

  • Daniel

    @GARY Why wait? Leave now. Obama did not win 100% of the vote. Many voted against him. No president EVER won 100% of the vote. You are acting like a spoiled child, oh boohoo. My party and candidate lost. We had to tolerate your president for the last 8 years. Now you can either tolerate ours, or like you said, buy property on a tropical island. Go to Canada now and while you are there, look for your island.

  • Kat

    There is nothing wrong with the dog trying a piece of candy. He wanted to try something new. He figured if his owner was eating it this must be something good.the dog found out his taste buds aren’t the same as his owner and said nno way icky I am not eating this. The first time I gave my dog blueberries she adropped it out of her mouth so she could see what she was eating. She than decided it was good and started begging for more. Dogs experiment with food just like kids.

  • Cherunda Fox

    This dog can say No and Are You Kidding? Too funny.

  • Dave

    No matter how bad my day is my dog can always make me laugh just like this dog.

  • bill

    That’s funny!

  • Heulis

    Reading some of these comments make me lose faith a little bit in humanity. The same people who are calling this animal abuse probably voted for Hillary. You’re a complete moron, end your life.

  • Jim

    LOVE IT!!!! I have a feeling that guy is pretty good to that dog. Thats a happy looking dog.

  • ashna

    My dog likes to sample what I’m eating also. She runs into tastes that are good to her and some that make her react like this dog. The dog asked for a bite by begging. He will continue to do so next time. What a funny reaction he had. Loved it.

  • DELL

    2 DAYS AGO
    My reaction when Trump won the election!

  • absolutely hilarious! No, he wasn’t forced or tricked into consuming the candy….and therefore DID not EAT it, he only tasted of it and decided to…hilariously state: “No…Poppa, no more of that”!! That’s funny and no danger to the animal at all!!!! But some people, I tell ya’….some folk simply look for miserables to join them in their misery…not today, your lives would be much more pleasurable if you tried as hard to put pleasure and laughter in your lives as opposed to searching out more agony and despair! Great day people…. love the post!

  • Aby


  • Jingo

    Have you idiots never seen a dog before?

  • that’s great !!!!!!! still laughing.

  • Teresa

    This is too funny! No, it is not cruel. The dog wanted to try it, he did, he didn’t like it, the owner is making sure he really doesn’t like. My sister’s dog, however, loves to eat chocolate (even though it’s bad for dogs), eat gummy bears, Halls Mentalyptus Cough drops, and once ate a 2-lb package of ground beef (that she somehow got on the counter and got out of the sink while it was thawing out). Neve
    r got sick though. Go figure.

  • Uma

    My reaction to Guilliani and Christie having any posts

  • RiffRaff

    Dogs rule! I do the same thing to my dog. Tell him what it is, tell him YUK, if he still begs, OK, but he learns, oh YUK means not for me!

  • Sandy

    This brings back memories…I too had a dog who always wanted what i was eating..and this particular day she saw me eating a lemon and wanted some…so I gave her a lick…and immediately she bit it and spit it out…I thought maybe she would stop begging for my food..and offer it to her again and she shook her head in a no action and turned her head away from my hand…waaay too funny…thanks for posting.

  • Lu

    That’s funny! Pitties are the best!

  • TN

    Cannot stop laughing. So cute

  • This dog will probably be much less likely to beg in the future.

  • SE

    It is very bad for dogs to eat sugar; dogs can get diabetes easily. It can rotten their teeth as they don’t brush their teeth like we do.